Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child to Parent Violence?

Child to parent violence is one of the least discussed forms of abuse in families today. Breaking the Cycle Consulting works with families to help both parents and children overcome the issue of violence in the home and develop skills to manage emotions, and help build loving, supportive and long-lasting relationships with others. Unlike other programs or therapy, Breaking the Cycle is specifically focused on providing support to parents of angry, aggressive or violent children. Ours is a judgment-free zone, and our only goals is to provide tools to more effectively manage your relationship with your child, and to keep you, your child and other family members safe.

I'm not the one with the problem, why do I have to take the program?

Children who act out typically do so because they are experiencing strong emotions they do not know how to address in a healthy manner. Regardless of the cause of the child’s behavior, parents often are held accountable. Certainly, parents are the ones who must find solutions for the child’s behavior. Yet, we have found in working with more than 600 families struggling with angry, aggression children and teens, parents in these situations often do not have the support they need to help them process their own emotions and reactions, much less to resolve their children’s issues. Breaking the Cycle Consulting is a judgment-free zone. We know parenting is hard. We also know parents need support and tools. We are here to provide this support.

Should I do this program instead of therapy?

This program is designed to be a complement to traditional therapy. It is not uncommon in families dealing with an angry, aggressive or violent child or teen for there to be underlying issues with other family members which likely need to be resolved. Examples including depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, drug use or abuse, other forms of domestic violence, or various forms of mental illness. Of course, therapy and mental health service are not just designed for these types of issues, therapeutic services also can just help a person who feels as though he or she needs support in some area of his or her life. We are strong believers in the benefits of counseling. This program, though, is based on years of working with this particular issue of child to parent violence. Other therapeutic programs most likely are not.

Is the program confidential?

Yes, this program is confidential in that your information will not be shared with any third parties, nor will it be a matter of public record (as it would be if we sought payment through insurance) that you have sought help through the Breaking the Cycle program. As are other mental health counselors, Breaking the Cycle coaching and counselors are mandatory reporters. We must report any child abuse if we have knowledge or suspicion child abuse is occurring. We also may not be protected by the psychiatrist/patient privilege should we receive a subpoena to appear in court.

What if I need more?

If you need more than the Complete Breaking the Cycle Online program, we invite you to consider our 1:1 Private Skype Sessions with a BTC-certified coach. Packages include 3 private Skype sessions, and may be purchased repeatedly as needed.

How can I tell if my child is violent?

Perhaps you would categorize your child as “troubled,” “angry,” “sulky,” or even “aggressive,” but maybe not violent. Some signs of a child in danger of becoming violent or one who is already violent would be: bullying, yelling, cursing, being verbally abusive, hitting, shoving, punching, pinching, biting, throwing objects, being cruel to younger children or animals, slamming doors, flipping furniture, grabbing or other unwanted physical touching of others, shoplifting or other petty crimes, drug use or abuse, talking back to parents or other authority figures, or any combination of the above.

Can I just have my teenager do the teen program?

Certainly, the teen program is recommended for any teenager who is acting out aggressively or violently toward other family members. However, the Breaking the Cycle program is primarily focused on providing support for the parents of aggressive or violent children and teens. It is our philosophy that parenting is a difficult job to begin with, and made even more so in situations where violence is present, and that parents in these situations need as much support as they can get. Our job is to provide that support in a safe, judgement-free environment.

Can my spouse do the program with me?

Yes, in fact we encourage your spouse to complete the program with you so the two of you can be on the same page, freely discuss what you have learned, and serve as a support for one another. However, the program is designed to be suitable for one parent, in case there is only one parent in the child’s life. Also, the program cannot be shared with others who do not live in the same household. It may only be accessed by members of the same household, and only one person may access if at a time (unless you are sitting together in front of the same computer). You also may access the program on your phone or tablet.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance at this time. However, we feel we have developed a program that is affordable for most every budget and much less expensive than typical therapy costs. We do take all major credit cards, debit cards or PayPal as well.

Who teaches this program?

The Complete Breaking the Cycle Online Program is taught by Laurie Reid, herself. Laurie is a Florida-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Addictions Professional, the co-author the the 10-week Breaking the Cycle Child to Parent Violence curriculum, the founder of Breaking the Cycle Consulting, Inc. and the developer of this online program. She has more than 18 years experience working with children, adolescents and teenagers, and their families. Since developing the Breaking the Cycle curriculum, Breaking the Cycle has served more than 600 families coping with this issue of child to parent aggression and violence.

One-on-one Skype sessions are conducted only by BTC-certified instructors, all of whom are either educators, counselors, therapists or life coaches.

My child has not hit me, is this program right for us?

This program is right for you if  your child or teen who appears to be angry, aggressive or physically, verbally or emotionally abusive of others, or acts out inappropriately in public or private. Parenting can be difficult even in the best of circumstances. However, the parent of a angry child who is acting out to hurt others is in a particularly precarious position. These parents need support more than ever, as often they judge themselves harshly for the behavior of their child. Breaking the Cycle programs are designed to be a soft place to land for the parents of aggressive children and teens, a place where you can get the support, information and resources you need, not only to care for your child, but for yourself as well.

Can I afford this program?

The real question is: Can you afford NOT to take this program? If you are the parent of a child or teen who is exhibiting aggressive and/or violent behavior, you and other members of your family are at great risk. So is your child. Traditional therapy is designed to help process emotions and change behaviors, and we highly recommend it for the families we services. However, this program provides, immediate, actionable tools and information you can begin using immediately to foster a safer, healthier environment in your home. It is based on our experience in working with more than 600 families dealing with this same issue, and feedback from them as to what exactly they need to heal. In comparison to therapy the cost is negligible. When considered in terms of the lives it could save–that it could save your life or your child’s life–it is a no-brainer.

How much time does this program take to complete?

The Complete Breaking the Cycle Online Program is designed to be self-directed. It contains a series of five video modules you may watch at your own convenience, either all in one sitting, or (recommended) over a period of five weeks. Each module includes worksheets, handouts and “homework,” and builds on the teachings of the previous modules. In addition, we have provided MP3 audio recordings so you can pull in and listen on the go as a refresher for the videos. Of course, because you have access to the program as long as we continue to offer it, you may revisit the materials as many times as you need to do so.

Where should I start?

Start by checking out our Self-Directed Programs page on this website. There you’ll find information on each of the programs we offer. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

What kind of equipment do I need?

To access the program, you will require a computer, mobile device or tablet with which you can watch videos, listen to MP3s and download PDF documents. You also will require an e-mail address so we can e-mail you the password to our members area, and instructions. If you chose the 1:1 Private Skype Sessions with a BTC-certified coach, you will need access to a computer capable of running a live interface.