Self-Directed Programs

Options for Your Family and Your Budget.

Breaking the Cycle Consulting was founded on the belief that parenting is no easy task, and parenting an angry, aggressive or, maybe an even violent child, may be 10 times more challenging. Unlike other programs which may focus on addressing parenting skills, BTC focuses on elevating the needs of the parent–focusing on you, your safety and need for support.

If you are like so many parents of angry, aggressive or violent children, you probably have already consulted numerous therapist, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, medical doctors and other professionals in an effort to help your child. By now, you’ve most likely become an expert, not only in your child, but in the underlying cause and solutions for his or her behavior.

Still, do you find yourself still struggling to carry on? Do you feel more confused than ever? Does it seem like no matter what you do, it never seems to get any better?

If you can relate, you are in the right place.

There are three ways we can help:

1. SCRIPTS & TIPS. If you struggle with knowing the right thing to say when your child is acting out, or you can sense he or she is about to be triggered, we offer five scripts and more than 30 tips so you’ll know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for the best results. This is a low cost, practical and affordable option to put you on the right path to better communication immediately.

2. “PARENTS’ GUIDE TO TEEN AGGRESSION” VIDEO PROGRAM. If you are ready to take a more comprehensive approach and really dive into solutions, both for you and for your angry, aggressive child, then the “PARENTS’ GUIDE TO TEEN AGGRESSION” VIDEO PROGRAM is for you. We’ve condensed our full-length, 10-week program so you can quickly and easily access it (either by video or MP3 download for listening on the go), learn what you need to know, and take immediate action. Over the past two years, Breaking the Cycle Consulting, Inc. has worked with hundreds of families to successfully help them break the cycle of child to parent aggression and violence. Through this program, we hope to reach families throughout the country, and even around the world, who might otherwise not have access to this very specialized information. More affordable than individual or family therapy, the program allows you to access the material at your convenience and to refer back to it as often as you may need a refresher.

3. 1:1 PRIVATE SKYPE SESSIONS WITH A BTC-CERTIFIED COACH. If you feel you need immediately, personal help, we offer a third option: one-on-one private Skype sessions with one of our BTC-certified coaches or therapists. The 1:1 package is a great way for parents to get the support they need from a coach who has been specifically trained in child to parent aggression and violence. This package includes three 45-minute Skype sessions and may be used by one or both parents or caregivers. If after you have completed the three sessions, you find you need more, you may purchase as many three-session packages as you feel you need.




5 Scripts and Tips + Bonus Poster
  • Script #1: How to Talk with Your Child about Hurt Feelings
  • Script #2: How to Ensure Your Child Hears and Understands You
  • Script #3: 5 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Therapist for You and Your Child
  • Script #4: 3 Phrases to De-escalate a Volatile Situation
  • Script #5: 3 First Steps to Take Today to Help Your Aggressive Child
  • Exercise: Dwelling on the Positive Moments of Being a Parent
  • Plus: Bonus “35 Ways to Wellness” Poster for Parents


Confidential and Convenient
  • (3) 45-minute long 1:1 Skype sessions with just you and a BTC-certified coach or therapist.
  • Each session is conducted in the privacy of your own home, at a time convenient for you.
  • All sessions are confidential (with mandated reporter exceptions) and will not be on record.
  • E-mail access to a BTC-certified coach so he or she may answer questions as needed for duration of three sessions.
  • 50% savings on the “Parents’ Guide to Teen Aggression” Video Program.
  • All 5 Scripts and Tips
  • Bonus “35 Ways to Wellness” Poster for Parents

BONUS: '35 Ways to Wellness' Poster for Parents

For Teens Only

In addition to our programs to provide support for parents, we also offer a program just for teens. This program is a fun, easy-to-use tool, teens can access right on their mobile phone, tablet or computer, or download to their MP3 player. It helps your teen learn anger management techniques, how to effectively convey his or her emotions in a non-destructive manner, and what to do if they anticipate they are about to be triggered.

If you are the parent of an angry, aggressive or violent teen, we strongly recommend you purchase this program for your teen as an add-on to your own program purchase. At only $147 (that’s less than one hour of therapy or the purchase of a couple of games), it is priced to be affordable for most every budget.

“Seeing things from my parent’s point of view was most useful.”


“I recognized what I have done and learned to talk to my dad.”


“The program was fun and way funnier than I thought it would be.”


“The facilitators made it easy and fun…I began to look forward to it.”